Friday, July 23, 2004

invalid in charge of coffee

my eyes are slowly improving and I’ve had a fitting of a reverse geometry contact lens in my right eye which instantly fixes my vision… absolute magic… only trouble is it keeps popping out... just patience requires (seems a big theme in my life at the moment)...

it has been great to have a self-appointed carer, taking me back and forth, making me be good and not use the net, going out drinking all night with my mates, and other prison guard style activity... but know she has found something useful for me to do… it appears even in deaf dumb and blind mode I can still produce a good coffee from her fancy coffee maker… i think i’ve prepared about 16 cappuccinos and a dozen lattes today already… her friends are very jealous

glad to see i’m still good for something

PS my computer is going again, big smile for that one.

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