Friday, July 09, 2004

c'est la vie

Remote access to the net can be a good lesson in patience... a lesson i seem to learn over and over..

all the recent fancies added into yahoo mail and hotmail now guarantee that my dial-up remote satellite patched into internet connection will time out before I even get through all the fancy stuff on the first page just what I always want not that my notebook is dead and I'm on borrowed computers!

I'm normally an optimist and there is usually a golden lining if you look... luckily I had accepted an invitation to get a google email account, Gmail to the net savvy..
well it does have adds etcs on the first page but it also does have your mail and the graphics are limited so it lets me do stuff before the automatic line idle kicks me off the satellite in fact thats how I'm posting this blog. the best bit is i can finish my mailing early and get some more time drinking beer and watching the sun go down

such is life

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