Thursday, July 15, 2004

-- so far away & such serious deja vu

The wet weather gave me a great chance to finish reading the da vinci code. It's a good read.

I still own a little cottage in the UK, in a village called coombe, just south of bath (ah what I would give for a good warm bath right now!) and not so far away is a town called glastonbury. Just out of town on the low road around the tor, is a well. The well of joseph of arimathea, and beside it there is a sign on the public road telling the story of mary magdalene and her "family" escape under the care of jospeh (who is in the family was not mentioned on the sign).

dan brown has done wonders to expand these few paragraphs on an obscure road side sign into a substantial part of the plot for 592 page book even more astounding is that that sign is half a world away and I haven't seen it for nearly 15 years, I'm not even sure that the sign is still there but I can see it clearly in my mind¦ how strange is that? is the remoteness getting to me?

(starts whistling) always look on the bright side of life.. dah da.. dah da da dah

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