Saturday, July 31, 2004

a party of sorts & more da vinci code deja vu

there was a bit of an impromptu party here last night... and all my friend's friends are ladies... were all sighs dreams about to come true... actually not... the conversation was lively, all at the same time, and the giggling getting louder and louder... unfortunately the subjects were shopping, tv soaps, more shopping, new shoes, mens butts in fottball shorts, more shopping... i made myself usefull mixing the cocktails..

tourists at the louvre Posted by Hello

suddenly things got quieter and the discussion got to culutral things, books and the da vinci code... so i trotted out my glastonbury sketches...i think i made a good impression too..!

then I started showing off... I have a sketch or two of the louvre

a templar chapel in venice Posted by Hello

... & a couple of sketches of an orginal 13th century templar chapel in venice.

an original templar carving Posted by Hello

but the amusing things is..... i was asked if 'are you doing illustrations for the book'... all my drawing are between 15 and 7 years old.... drawing well before the book was written...

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