Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Art on Technology as a Gallery

Despite my warning on copyright (on the post below) I am not against sharing and collaboration, it is good for art ... exposure is even better ... there is little point creating a masterpiece and not showing it to anyone ... especially if you want to eat ... feel the glory ... get inspired by other ...all that involves being out there.

NOW for the crackpot theory ...these days everyone looks at screens for hours on end, so why not put art (my art, your art, anyones art) on those screens ... could be as a wallpaper ...could be as a slideshow ...could be a mashup ...SO stop mucking around and DO IT

IF you are arty make wallpapers stationary ...turn your blog into a scrapbook ... it you just want to be arty seek out someone creative you admire and use there work (with permission of course) (:

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