Monday, August 01, 2005

krissie's pout

Originally uploaded by sigh clone.
I loved krissie's expression... especially the intensity of her lipstick & painted eyes... very inspiring

I think this watercolour turned out well and it is a definite for my modern girl's series... in fact she is a very special modern girl... what Flicktionary (a glossary of Flickr terminology, on Flickr central) calls a FlickrWhore... a term for a person posting links, tags and "tease" photos that most certainly brings other members to their photostream... krissie is both glamurous and has a fine photostream

to be honest i'm an old bloke and i have no idea what makes a modern girl... I just think krissie is a perfect example of one :)

original photo
uploaded by krissie p.

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Anonymous said...

i am flattered... and an outed flickrwhore... and i love it =)
-krissie p-