Saturday, August 20, 2005

Nort On UR fone

Originally uploaded by sigh clone.
For those who must have the lastest... i've found a way to put my art onto your mobile phone... I've become a "beta tester" (not bad for an old bloke)for a new service called MoPhone... it's kind of flickr meets blogs & ringtones... and unlike those ads on late night TV you won't have to pay exhorbitant monthly fees... its essentially frees... providing to have a phone that can acess the interent (so you have to pay them the normal fees with your provider to do that)...

it is a community where you can share photos, screen wallpaper, ringtones ... even games and MP3 music

Just look for a group called NortOnURfone... or send me an email and i'll organize an invite

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