Sunday, July 31, 2005

Raven in red (again)

Originally uploaded by sigh clone.
my way got lost in the creation of this... as many dark watercolours tend to do... they quickly become muddy in colour... i abandoned it... impatient, i added some red...(am i getting a bit obsessive with colour?)... abandoned it again... but now it is dry I think it has a certain charm (& strength)... raven is convinced I just like her in red... it sadness be to see she has also had a visit from the NIPSa police and her lovely photo is nolonger public, so I can't post you a thumbnail here...

Is it just me that thinks "nudity doesn't equal pornography" or am I being reckless?

I've added some links to Simple Nude & DoMai over to the righ hand side... i think they show nudes but they are far from tastless... but I'd rathre you made up your own mind... on the otherhand I think porno sites are so predictable & UNORIGINAL (seen two or three and you have seen them all) and becarefull they can be so expensive... (so i'm told) still i'm sure if that's what you prefer, you'll know to find them... and while you are about it you may as well take me off your favurite bookmarks

I've now made a "no tasteless posts in here" resolution... ok, ok maybe one or two wickedly artistic ones to test the wosers are awake ;) rant over

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