Tuesday, August 02, 2005

how ideas happen

original idea
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The developement of an idea into an artwork...

this post is meant to show you graphically how an idea happens for me on paper... I wasn't asked but after sketching a coule of the lovely girls from there I got the idea of developing a buddy icon for the FlickrWhores group (they don't have one at the moment)... my original idea was just a few strokes of my brush with my favourite purple for shadow wash... it gives a nice shodow to skin tones... i then quickly sketched in some outlines with a fibre pen... and stood back... yes it has promise

Fibre-Tip Penflickrwhores idea 1

next I redrew it in pencil... tidying & simplifying a few lines... then "ïnked" it with a fibre pen... I then scan this into coreltrace and do a trace outlines... which is loaded into coreldraw... a few more tidy ups on line work.... and coloured

hmmm pity this lacks something....

next idea flickrwhores idea 2

yes a little better... more vampy... more fun... maybe a fraction to complex

hmmm this is better flickrwhores idea 3
ok i like this one... simple yet a litle flirty & a hint of wicked

anyone for that on a t-shirt

flickrwhore the shirt

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