Sunday, August 07, 2005

red & yellow.. & (purple?)

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Cleo, or Cleopatra to her flickr friends, was keen for me to sketch her... i loved this pose... and now I hope I have gotten the delicate angelic quality... i must admit i copied the colour scheme for my favourite cincy watercolour and i do think it suits... for those that are interested the yellow in an underpainting gives any light scarlet wash over it a very rich glowing skin tone... the red does the same for shadows and especially the darks in hair... i just think this sketch doesn't need any of that extra overpainting ...

but cleo has reminded me the angelic quality... might not be her preferred status... and her nose is smaller ('blush' yes she is right, betteer do better next time)

Musing (2)
Musing (2),
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