Friday, August 05, 2005

least interesting

Originally uploaded by sigh clone.
flickr have a great new feature called interesting'ness. Being a lover of the contrarian, this is my 200th least interesting photo... flickr stops count at the 200th... from what i can judge it is a magic measure something like the "favourite to view ratios" but with a sprinkle of comment thrown in...

AND buggar that reminds me... where the heck did i leave that webcam anyway?


chickenhead said...

Hey there, i just stumbled across your blog. i noticed you dont have any replies :( so felt drawn to leave you one...

You have some fantastic artwork on here did you do them all?

Well im not sure wot else to post lol, but your welcome to come check out my blog, hope your having a fantastic day

Cyclone said...

good to see a guy from melbourne... stopping in and saying hi... yes mostof the art work is mine... what isn't is pretty clearly labelled... you see i have a thing about plagarism & oringinality

I like your cluck, cluck blog but 1000 post... mate don't you get out ;)