Sunday, August 28, 2005

2 moro

2 moro
2 moro,
originally uploaded by sigh clone.
heading south over the equator we pass the islands around mindanao, the home of the moro separatist movement... and it relatives ji and dural islam... its one of those essentially lawless regions that are developing all around the world... one chain of islands stretch back towards borneo... and it seems it is becoming a convent highway for all sorts of activity... this fuel tanker was just floating, it seemed abandoned... carrying scares of a close encounter with some one else a mid-ships.. as we drew near to interstage we heard automatic weapons and three speed boats raced towards us... after 2 hours we had either out run them... they had run out of fuel... or given up... such is life... high petrol price one day...fuel piracy on the high seas the next!

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stim said...

I've got to say - your sketches are amazing. And if you're ever looking to sketch someone new... well let me know. I mean, you already own stock in my blog, might as well know what you're buying.