Thursday, June 30, 2005

popular versus appreciated

that light bulb is burning bright... above my head (in cartoon land)
cincy under painting

i've been worrying about why most viewed, most visits & most popular didn't always match up with what I think are my better sketches... well these common traffic counters just meassure the voyeuristic side of the net... and i have already figured out that the tag NUDES in flickr generates lots of views...

I also learnt in this blog, that the nunber of comments was a good measure of what people appreciated... flickr has comments too but it also has favourites, other flickr'ítes can mark their favourite images (see post below) ... AND wow "my art appeals to women" (not men, well other than the nudes)... girls have way more of my art favourited than guys ans whats more they seem to like the same works that i do... (the sketch above is a classic example it has drawn proportionally more comments and favoutite tagging compared with views

does this mean i'm in touch with my feminine side..? bloody hell..! (gasp!) or does it just mean girls are more open and honest... (phew! and wipe brow) no matter... thanks girls i appreciate it

1 comment:

joeralt said...

Hi Sigh
I have just discovered your art and like it also.
I do think that your art has a very definite feminine touch so no wonder there are more women admiring your work.