Thursday, June 30, 2005

getting about

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even though i've been very busy in the real world I still like a bit of communication with my net friends... the Yahoo chat rooms being off have meant I done a little more exploring of blogs and flickr... and i've come up with a nice new way to get around... find a blog or flickrstream of someone who's work you like (like brandelion or jiggles)... then check out their links (or their favourites in flickr)... you discover much more creative and original stuff than using a search engine (or tags in flickr)... my theory is that it is prefiltered for you my a like mind... yes another person... not a bit of software... its time for the real people to retake the net

my blog doesn't have many links to friends... they are there but hidden in the posts so I suggest you start by clicking on screen capture of my favourites... then move over to the favourites link... its text on the right hand side and click on an image that interests you.. then click on their favourites... bon voyage

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