Tuesday, June 21, 2005

(slow) progress at my shop

well the respones to my shop (the less said the better)... may be it is not well enough known... or too hard to find (so i've made its own section over on the right hand side now)... but don't worry I am not in a hurry. i want to make sure the quality, and efficency are perfect before I get too excited about quanitity.

All the images i use in the shop are based on much higher resolution scans (200dpi) than I post in here. if you have not visited my sighsketches shop yet, shame on you.. please go take a look now

The latest special at my shop is a poster

I plan to offer the ability to use any (almost any) illustratuon you see here, or in my flickr contributions, on any of the items you see in the shop... the procedures to upload and create custom stuff are not public yet... so contact me by email if you want a custom t-shirt or mini-poster... (or whatever)

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