Tuesday, June 28, 2005

well that was no fun

sorry í've been away.. i had a forced stay away from the net... I've managed to pick up yet another ulcer infection mycobacterium ulcerans not a lot of fun at the best of time... actually its not really painful at all... but flesh "ëating" toxins made by the bacteria, arent reaaly very nice... not really a social asset... or a pretty sight

the painful bit is... now i'm the subject of research to find the "vector" carrying the infection, the potential list includes white tail spiders, mosquitoes, march flies, possums and koalas... does that mean i'll have be less friendly to the fauna... actually I don't have intimate relationships with any of the critters

i'm sure its the same ulcer infection I got in my eye last year in the solomon islands (but who am I to argue with doctors)... the most devastating bit is no beer till I finish the pills (bastards!)

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