Friday, June 17, 2005

a little enlightenment...

sketching hand selfportrait
sketching hand selfportrait,
originally uploaded by sigh clone.
all my running round in wild sweeping clicking through link after link, group after groups and friends favourites on flickr... has led me to realise why my style became what it is so quickly...

its a little like escher's hands... i could not see it because I was doing it... (it is quiet a challenge to draw your hand, drawing... i had to take a picture with my webcam first)... but once I stood back it was obvious

I like sketching from webcams because the webcam has already translated the subject into a two dimensional shaded image... from which I can readily observe and translate the the shading onto my blank page... also using the relatively low-res webcam rather than copying a photo meant I was less likely to fall into the trap of trying to copy detail as line work... infact on mt best webcam stuff there are really very few lines... just carefull shading


buggar my brain hurts with all this thinking... time to turn of the computer and have a beer (or two)

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