Thursday, June 23, 2005

Art is either plagiarism or revolution

bot dog pissing on plagiarism
bot dog pissing on plagiarism,
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Whilst i was pretty sure this was a paul gaugain quote, I was able to locate it on thats an authouritive website on the internet so it must be right.. yes?

actually on my journey of discovery i'm starting to get the distinct impression.... to be honest it is more a gnawing doubt... maybe it is but....

Unfortunately I'm starting to suspect that net=no or at very least what you are looking at is probably lifted from somewhere else

the big secret of the net is it has revolutionized plagiarism... it is so simple to say "look at me" i'm way cool, i'm the celebrity... look what I can do (but what is done is copy & paste... sometimes with a change of font or the colour of the background)...on flickr i'm meeting and seeing the work of many professional & less professional (ok we are amateurs) artists... like me they put their precious and original work on the net so people can see it... the net is a wonderful gallery, with a limitless number of potential visitors.

no one posts on the net so their stuff can be copied and passed and showed off as a "look at me" pseudo celebrities own work... that is simple theft

everything i post here is low resolution (& it really won't reproduce well outside the net)... I hold the originals... & the better quality scans. i don't mind people using my images, elsewhere on the net, if they get both my and the model's permission... but if my work is taken and not acknowledge... that is theft

brad templeton has compiled the 10 Big Myths about copyright explained and this is worth a read... also read my copy right or wrong notes on the righthand side

maybe it is time to start shaming the thieves or originality

cyclone sad

(end of sermon)

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jiddles said...

Hear hear old chap..and damn you are getting better every time with those sketches. And I wish my blog looked as colorful as yours ;-)