Wednesday, June 22, 2005

a tale of two torsos

nort's sketcking stuff
nort's stuff,
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i'd better appologise already... since this is going to be my most ambitious post yet... using someone else's photo (thanks H), and images from hello, blogger & flickr... hold your breath here goes

Over the last few days I seem to have become very torso oriented... it all started with my doodling for an idea of a BBW/Big Bellish logo... something i could use as a "badge" on the clothing in my on-line shop... I often think with my hands, a pencil and paper ;)

torso01 torso01a

I ran into a bit of creative serendipidy when I scanned it... notice how much the accidentally over darken one, on the right, looks.... much more what I had in mind... pity it has picked up the lines on the other side of the piece of "recycled" paper I used (i'm a bit of a "don't" waste paper fanatic)

Next came a friendly portrait... well thats what I was supposed to do! i kind of got side tracked

Well I can't believe how popular this quick wash waterolour sketch has become on flickr... it skyrocketed to the nuber 23 most viewed... just overnight... be patient rebekka I will do your portrait soon :)

aren't torso(s) a marvels subject

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