Friday, July 01, 2005

a great measure

originally uploaded by loupiote.
at the same time i was waxing eloquent about... favourites versus views... (see below)... loupiote on flickr started a group for photos with a favourite to view ratio more than 5% ... it is just number of favourites divided by total views times 100... it means that at least one in twenty people who look at your post like it... and i think this is a pretty good way to find the best.... oh yes the group is called Fav/View >=5%


Anonymous said...

the link for the group is wrong in your posting.

the correct link is

Anonymous said...

it would be nice if flickr had some build-in searching/browsing feature allowing to search all photos with Fav/View ratios larger than x%.

Cyclone said...

thanks I've fixed the link back in the post