Thursday, January 03, 2008

When does the art start?

I am sort of trapped in the city for the summer... a hot place, not really my place of choice... I'd rather be at the beach, or sailing... still life goes on and i want to paint... so it was suggested I try a self portrait (...the cricket is about to go into boring mode... indian is batting) .. i set up out the back in the only space that could find to spread out in... it didn't take long to be distracted with the possibilities of shadow on my canvas .... ok i'm certainly no Raymod Crowe... but i am at least unusual

but it got me wondering when does art begin... is it as much performance as a finished product? it time for a beer yet? ...has india got a run yet?

Art Start is also a successful program for the homeless in New York

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Bhaanu said...

How about this test match just concluded in Sydney. The match was anything but boring. It was Umpires who stole the show, though.

Do you follow cricket regularly?

Nice blog and good artwork, most (and not some ;) ) of the sketches are of people who are not fully clothed, keep it up.