Saturday, January 26, 2008

looking for the essence

I have been doing a few set challenges over the past few weeks to try and sharpen both how i see things and the physical side of recording that, I've already posted some of my 2 minute torso sketches... well here is te first of my limited palette (just using the colours, very diluted crimson, ochre, violet, & burnt umber ) watercolours ... my aim is not to get to hung up in a finished work but to work with simple washes to get tone and shape... i am starting to think that is the answer with waytercolour it the less you do the more magic might stay... well I am quiet pleased with this one and the number of views it got on flickr on the first day ... suggest the "less is more" approach might be popular ...

... then again i might be deluding myself, my model, Tcotta1 a flickr friend, is very popular among her clothing optional friends and especially the terra cotta inn... she is also the nicest person, unlike a lot of the "nude is rude" fraternity that are so often complaining about my stuff. I wish there where more folk that appreciated the beauty in the human form.... especially in healthy well adjusted females ... the world might be a nicer place.

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