Saturday, January 26, 2008

what is your TMI?

I started worrying about how many tweets i had to read each morning to stay in the loop... the answer is probably none... but anyway it got me thinking is there an optimum measure of the right weight of follower and friends on twitter... maybe its something like the BMI... brilliant why don't I create a TMI (the twitter mass index)... and it is easy to compute just divide your followings by twice the number of followers... that's your TMI

On the low end of the scale with TMI's less than a half are the socially thin. the introverts that as likely as not to have the "I am only giving updates to my friends" playing over and over. They probably also literally only type in what they are doing.

At the high end are the dangerously obese twitters that just take in everyone else's musings, their motivation may be manifold but it is most likely they are voyeurs, peeping toms and trolls. Often they may just copy you and because you are not following them they think no one will notice. Closer around the TMI of two are the just excessively talkative and group seeking overweights... most harmless but take up a damn lot of bandwidth

So that leaves the happy tweets around the TMI of one.

All pretty straight forward really...

So why the factor of two... why not?

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