Thursday, January 17, 2008

the Funbag Fascination Calendar

Ok I know no one was actually impatiently waiting for this... but i do appologise I am over a month behind schedule... it was un avoidable, i'm sorry... but I hope the wait was worthwhile

This year I've designed the calendar to fit neatly inside a CD jewel case (... i'm sure you have a few old ones lying around, if no they are cheap enough to buy... getting them reused is so part of my art on technology push) also this year I just used various fd flickr toys to help construct the calendars thanks fd (aka big huge labs)... here are the instructions on how to make a neat desktop calendar

  1. download the calendar pages above, (you will have to click onto each, to get the full size image and then use save picture as... from the right mouse click within your broswer to save a copy to your computer)
  2. print them out actual size (12cm square, that 150 DPI if you are into that, or just use the CD cover setting in your printer if it has that) will normally get two per page) ... printing on photo paper looks great, but thicker/matte card is better than just paper
  3. cut them out and slide them into the CD cover

... you now have a neat desktop calendar

more detailed instructions here

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