Monday, January 07, 2008

more art on CDs

Have I a started a trend of art on CD... NO! I may have got a few people excited but I'm not the first to try it...

Mathew Toledo, has written a very comprehensive blog article on how to paint your own CDs. It also emphasizes using the right paint to "fuse" to the plastic... If you want to do you own CDs... please read his article.

Apparently the recent nine inch nails CD changes colour when it is heated

You can also "Print" your artwork onto a CD, either using a specially "precut" peel off and stick down CD mattes or one of the many new thermal and/or inkjet printers that can take a special printable blank CD. There is also lots of software to help with the layout.

A pretty amazing way to "burn" your art onto the face of your CD is to use lightscribe (you need a compatible CD drive)

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