Wednesday, January 30, 2008

inner thoughts on my palette

i am grappling with the realization that i may do much better with only a few colours... and mixing the tones i need ... rather than rely on a rainbows of pre-mixed paint... ok, ok some where gifts (those sets with black and white) ... but it really doesn't matter which ones i start with... i do better when i am forced to use a more limited palette ... so does that initial palette really matter ... probaly not .... seems if i have just a warmish and a cool yellow, a warm red a rich but cool red a deep warm blue and lighter but cooler blue, that could be just six tubes, i automatically would have every other colour, or thats is the theory .... still the shadows in skin tones would be hard without a (sap) green and a violet, or is that me making excuses?

the morale: be happy with what you have and do your best with what you have got.

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