Friday, January 04, 2008

art on technology (the humble CD)

art on CD, originally uploaded by sigh clone.

Putting art on technology, is a bit of a personal campaign for me, as regular readers will know

If you don't start enriching the sterile face of personal technology, your lives might just be a little less rich and uplifting...

one technology that is ubiquitous these days is CDs it was a pretty simple step to think using that empty space, on the front of any home recorded CD, as a canvas. If you intend to still use the CD it may be wise to test you paints out first, on a CD you can afford to destroy... many marker pens and paints do not stick/set and could gunk up your player... I used matisse derivan "dimensional" acrylics and they bonded to the plastic well.

This was a 2 minute torso execise (see below)

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