Friday, July 08, 2005

understanding the shameful truth in the Underground Bombings

Photo from Underground
Originally uploaded by Frankie Roberto.
"It was an indiscriminate attempt to slaughter, irrespective of any considerations for age, class, religion whatever"

London mayor Ken Livingstone

Whilst I quickly joined the flickrains for peace group...I am ashamed to see it's text posting are filled with ignorant and empty ranting against (islamic) terrorists... this is no more justified than the cowardly acts in london...

The flickr peace movement group, at least for the moment, seems more enlightened and grownup

See the BBC coverage, dees'broacasting weblog's "peace for all" tribute flag & my friends appaloosa's blog for more informed opinions and truth

The image above was sent into BBC by Alexander Chadwick


Dee said...

thanks for mentioning me in your blog entry! ignorance doesn't get us anywhere... maybe because I was born and raised in Europe and grew up among muslim friends who were no fundamentalists it bothers me that here in the US, people adopted the Bush mentality, you're either with or against us... understand world politics and promote peace...that's my motto...have a wonderful eve...Djune

appaloosa said...

Re: Flickerians For Peace" et al...

I by no means consider myself a "peacenik" by any definiton of the word, but I too shake my head at the continued rantings and ignorance on both sides of the issue. As Gandhi once said "An eye for an eye will only leave the whole world blind".

Thanks for mentioning my blog in your post. I don't often post there, as I am unfamiliar with the medium of blogging (but I'm slowly beginning to learn!) but I felt compelled to post my thoughts about the carnage in London.

Always a pleasure to visit your site.

warm regards,