Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Seven Deadly Sins (an update)

Well I have been surviving fine out in the real world... having lots of fun infact... but I have noticed a theme that has cropped up a few times... is what is bad behaviour?

What is the modern version of the seven deadly sins?... well the blokes seem to agree that they like a girl who drinks to much... it seems this is a sin that guys recognise... straight after the boobs (or bums, or legs) & before eye contact... girls on the other hand notice if a girl talks to much... especially if she is "faking it" on her mobile... blokes appear deaf to this "too muck talky talky" sin
... BTW: this character "the listner" was created with a bit of help from paula... a long time ago... before I sketched her... it seemed like a bit of deja vu... proving yet again in this interent journey insearch of creativity and originality I keep crossing my own path...

Are the seven deadly sins still relevant to the modern world? if you click on the link you will see the percentage of blogs that mention them... seems they are... especially pride & anger.... thanks to blogpulse for the research

PS: I'm quiet that the "pride" query in the above research had include *NOT* gay... is that because it is not a sin? ... or it would bias the results?

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