Sunday, July 10, 2005

suspicious or coincidence


est-ce que soupçonneux ou coïncident ou je suis paranoïde?

over the weekend i was switched to "NIPSA (not in public site areas) status" on flickr and switched to PENDING on cafe press as my "contains material which may not be in compliance with our policies"... either way I'm going to take some time off the net to contemplate and investigate it, the reasons given, who is behind it... stuff like that.... sorry folks there will be no new posts for a while.

watch the comments here for the resulst of my investigations


Cyclone said...

explaination one:

London undreground transport lawyers connacted cafepress because publishig my cartoon on a t-shirt would infringe their trade mark rights

so I am sorry i considered this suspicious

Cyclone said...

explaination two:

the NIPSA (not in public site areas) status change was to do with my having sketches nude and not full clothed people... so I have flagged all of them "may offend"... no dammage done :)

Cyclone said...

explaaination three:

The NIPSA status might be reapplied because my photostream is mainly art not photos... thus sound a little Yahoo-ish to me...

oh well time to post some photos as well

Cyclone said...

warning one:

to those posting hatefull comments here & flickr, and bombarding my email... grown up

despite your strange names I recognise your pointless ranting... and FYI despite the beard and my IDname "sigh" I am not middle eastern or a follower of islam. yet I respect such people.. it is the very few terorirst I believe must be treated as criminal not whole nations or religious groups... insiting such hatred is no betteer than the terrorist actions

I just feel pity for you and other hate mailers... but have decided to remove you comments

Anonymous said...

The NIPSA thing on flickr really bothers me, which is why I also keep all my photos on a personal website which is fully under my control.

I think you should be able to ask flickr why your account went NIPSA. I thing that it may have something to do with how many people hit the "may offend" button.

In any case, I think once you have been flagged NIPSA, it is very difficult to go back. So all the links to your photos become dead unless people register to flickr, and it's not good.

Maybe the best way to proceed is to keep any "questionable" image (e.g. with nudity) out of flickr.

-- loupiote