Thursday, July 28, 2005

ICE... rumours, virus or good idea

like me you have probably recieved a lot of email about ICE... telling you to do it... maybe that it's a hoax... & now some say don't open any email with ICE in the title... it's a virus

well at least for me it makes a change from all that hate and flame mail i have been getting..

BUT what is the truth... well it is a good idea but a lot of the emails are a little off the mark (see the truthorfiction posting)... if you not have done it already add an ICE entry to you mobile(cell) phone now with the number of the person you would like contacted In Case of Emergency

AND while on the email subject a few of you will get an invite to join me on Yahoo 360, its a new place I'm trying out.... that sort of combines lots of stuff i do.... what it might do very well is let me build a fairly complete ablums of my art... and at the same control who sees my sketches & letting my friends get higher resolution versions


The Patriot said...

I like your drawings.

I am a patriotic Singaporean. I try to to spread love and kindness. I do not support uncontrolled democracy and freedom.

Cyclone said...

no worries mate... glad you stopped by again... i'm not in singapore at the moment but it is a great cosmopolotain place... democracy and freedom are blossoming there... and i like that