Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Visiting Freaky Fat Chicks ... on yahoo! chat rooms & groups

You are in "Freaky Fat Chicks-the original:1" ( no trolling and be respectful ) ... and so begins the adventure begins I'm actually not sure which of the myriad of chat rooms I actually started sketching in but it was one one the BBW and admirers rooms for sure.

My wanderings through chat rooms had been a little aimless till then, dodging the aggro and insults and preoccupation of most male roomies with either wanking or yelling "show us your tits" (or other bits). it struck me that the media of web cam had more potential. I had just started sketching regularly and it didn't take long to turn my webcam on my sketch book.

The girls in the BBW are prefect models they are self confident and already used to being viewed. Each room has their regulars and the fans. Freaky Fat Chicks is one of my favorite. An I will upload a few sketches of my friends from there. Jali is my real favorite (although I don't think she likes posing for me), she so down to earth and matter of fact about sex and nudity. Joanne has a great yahoo group CrazyGirlsRealAmateurs and I'd better stop writingtart uploading sketches

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