Thursday, June 24, 2004

a big day and some bad news

No sketching today I’m afraid. I had some urgent earthworks to do at my beach house. Whilst an excavator had removed most material, there were a few areas, I’ve re-designed to improve the siting of water tanks and water treatment plant. (there are no public services like water and sewerage in the area)... So I had a  day on the end of a long handle shovel, all that after a long drive… well I was too tired to draw anything.


not that is wasn’t a fancinating day the weather was a classic wild and cold bass strait winter’s day. rain squalls followed by short burst of sunlight through fleeting clouds howling winds and thunderous surf. It was the right kind of day to work hard…. and I did.


I did get some sad news an old army mate, richo (also known as a tiny or big dick, there were two richards in my first nasho platoon in Vietnam and he was the taller of the two), died yesterday. he was such a larger than life character he will leave a big void in those around him.


despite all my aching muscles I’ve search out a local cyber café, (a half hour drive), to do my email chores and try submitting this to my blog via email (…. am I becoming a blog addict??)

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