Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Progress ... two steps forward one step back

The under painting that ran Posted by Hello

Carebear was such a great model I started to sketch her in watercolour using a background wash of sap green combined with two reds, vermillion and scarlet, to get a good skin warm tone shadow. (i'd read that soemwhere recently) alas there was a technical issue waiting to bite me on the bum! when I draw, the webcam see the picture i'm sketching on the desk up, as upside down. to over come this I can hold up the sketch from time to time to let the viewers and model see. works fine with a penicl sketch but....
.. with a wet watercolour wash the paint naturally started to run so there is now one very dark shadow under the chin instead of in the hair...

back to the drawing board, as they say in the classics

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