Wednesday, June 23, 2004

getting there at last!

Carebare coloured pencil over watercolour washes Posted by Hello

At last i'm getting somewhere ... After the disaster of webcams crashing, runny paint and other distractions I took an earlier underpainting, see below, and laid in a little more mauve shadow in a very light wash... had some dinner (fish burgers with my own secret sauce) and headed for the pub and a few beers and much discussion of sailing, football and nothing about art.

On return I got out a new box of derwent coloured pencils i'd just recently purchased and highlighted the flesh in just two colours salmon 1610 and slate violet 2410 (the numbers are the derwent colour codes,for derwent devotes, a pink and mauvy grey for the rest of us) and as if my magic I have found that luminousness of skin I've been looking for....
I think it is the solid colour of the pencil pigment over the translucent wash....
even though a lot of the other detail is unfinished I had to stop.... and bask in the healthy glow of a radiant young women smilling at me from the sketchbook

... enough

An earlier underpainting Posted by Hello

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