Tuesday, June 29, 2004

the very vivacious blue

it was another busy evening at freaky fat chicks and I was keen to sketch, but there was a distinct lack of webcams on… on well… time to chat and laugh… and laugh some more..

a lady named blue, aka halo ween girl, took an interest and was soon a very patient model… I started with a graphite pencil sketch but ended up having to overwork it… I think most of my viewers got bored and logged out... being on-line is a good way to get instant feedback….

halo ween in her overworked pencil sketch Posted by Hello

I had all the usual problems with my cam and getting booted… it seemed for a while that I might have discovered the why? … it seemed every time I was just sketching away and got the “ï’m naked .. or I’m randy …” message from a bot, my cam would frieeze or I’d get booted.. so I tried disabling IMs.. worked for a while then I got totally disconnected from the net… I just have dial up still…

after a few more boots and other frustrations I decided to stop overworking the black and white sketch and go to watercolour… the plan was to reproduce the same technique I’d used on care bear last week… but me being me… I got out the sap green, the vermillion and the scarlet… mixed a dilute wash and started…. buggar if i wasn’t booted and totally disconnected from anything net, againpatience…

halo ween girl in full colour Posted by Hello

well I didn’t have any patience left.. the wash turned to solid colour and the picture started to look magic but wishy washy... so in a gaugainesce gesture I got our my deepest purple for the darkest shadows. the blue green hair, with yellow and blue highlights sort of assembled themselves... I like this one it is true art

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Mrs. Wang said...

I am a patient model who doesn't smoke.