Friday, June 25, 2004

my young deaf mate … & discussion of angels & da vinci

another good morning on the shovel and a things were ready in time for the tank delivery.. then a lot of manhandling and the two tanks were in place (well there not going to be shifted now!) I’d employed a young bloke from the CES (he’s on the work for the dole scheme), he certainly worked hard but was very quiet (to start)… slowly I discovered he was hearing impaired and it wasn’t discovered till he was in mid high school. Although he wears a hearing aid he hated it (he says it just made the undecipherable noises loader) so he was labeled as have learning impairment and left school early… sport is his great passion, girls probably his other.. all in all he has been a great help, a good mate even when he’s quiet (i now realise his hearing aide was turned off, deliberately)

While we where waiting for the tanks I got out my sketch book and he took an immediate interest… in my modest fashion I began telling him about my small little victory getting a luminous skin tone and the fact that cincy was a real Botticelli Angel, yet to be captured in full radiance... well you should have seen his eyes light up… he had just finished reading the da vinci code and wanted to know all about botticelli and underpainting techniques (apparently the under painting of the mona lisa is somehow important) … so I must read it myself… but it struck me that he had a learnt a lot of things himself and was thirsty for knowledge… so really it wasn’t him that had the learning impairment but maybe the school or education system…

cincy's botticellian radiance Posted by Hello

I’m back in the big smoke again (mornington just south of melbourne) and have a big weekend lined up but I just had to blog first… so I’m uploading a couple of my first sketching efforts…. A lovely girls with the unusual ID no panties 4 this BBW (if you’re wondering I never found out if that was true) … haven’t seen her on-line since… so I hope it wasn’t the illustrations that made her run away

... enough for now

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