Saturday, September 04, 2004

running short of time

this trip was pretty sudden and I simply ran out of time to get my
last lot of sketching scanned and uploaded, please be patient kat,
care and cinny.. that amazing, all c's..!! (even though kat spells it
with a k)

well I made it.. despite the trip being bought forward.. only given 14
hours notice… being told the wrong flight number and time.. having a
new passport, with a big red urgent sticker but not the special visas
required.. using pencil on the immigration form & picking the wrong
officer to hand it to.. picking up the wrong passport and boarding
pass after x-ray and security.. otherwise it was a pretty boring trip.

Actually having a pen when you travel internationally, is the one
universal truth I do know about travel. there are always forms to fill
in.. BUT make it a black or blue pen.. & not a very cheap biro, they
often leak in the depressurized cabin.AND if you don't fill out the
forms well, you will either be unable to get on or off the plane… when
entering the USA any mistake on your immigration form means instant
deportation, with the possibility of a full body search.. elsewhere
you will at least receive a stern taking to & have to go to the back
of the queue

Nice 4B sketching pencils, even though they have a nice heavy black
line, are not always considered suitable.. and when this is pointed
out by the person behind the desk.. I might suggested you don't get
out a red fine line felt tip and outline the pencil letters... no
matter how pretty it looks.. some people may not be amused.

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