Saturday, September 18, 2004

Lament from Notting Hill

London is the last place I expected to be today, but here I am in
notting hill looking for my favourite coffee shop and internet cafe..
Its gone, replaced by yet another try hard bookshop! That movie has a
lot to answer for..

I'm here for yet another funeral, there aren't so many of the old and
bold left now, but didn't stop us last night, we drank serious
quantities of ale , listening to dire strait's brother in arms
punctuated by thin lizzy's the boys were back in town, and telling
ever embellished stories. Heros in our own dreams. Yet no one was
arrested, perhaps we are slowing down.

back to reality, I've had to settle for bloody startbucks, at least
they have the internet, & even if there coffee is flavoured, the short
blacks are ok…

back to paradise and the other side of the world tomorrow.

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