Saturday, September 04, 2004

he found a great many things to see

this, or in very similar words, is how norman lindsay describes the
enthusiastic yet naive bunyip bluegum… as he borrowed his uncle
wattleberry's best walking-stick, and with an assuming air of
pleasure.. set off to see the world.. it is the beginning of a
wonderful children's story written and illustrated by lindsay.. the
magic pudding.. quiet a favorite of many past and present australian

somewhat amazingly I can vividly recall myself telling kat that she
must read this marvelous story.. months ago.. months before I'd seen a
lindsay water colour in the flesh, and become spell bound by his wash
brilliance.. is this just another déjà vu cycle within a cycle?

that simple little phrase also explains why I like travel and just
wondering about.. i suffer from wanderlust, in back-packer lingo

whilst it was great to get my great beach house project substantially
underway, at last…!! its been almost 18 months since I decided to
build.. the new friends, the multiple residencies, the depressing
visits to the eye & ear hospital.. hospitals are always full of sick
people, you should realize.. the inevitable shopping trips & social
commitments were becoming a real chore. it is quiet a relief to be
back in paradise again.. not that there isn't a lot to do here.. in
fact precious little was done while I was away.. its just that it
really is different here & there is a lot to experience and see.. I
feel the time is right for me to purchase a silver handled umbrella..
to keep off both sun and rain.. and swagger about with my sketch pad
recording the most esoteric of things and events.. pretending to
engage in the type of eccentric behavior that only the retired british
military or antisocial french artists can do.. or more precisely get
away with.

enough of the dreams.. the reality is i must stop mucking about on the
computer and get the new radio installed, more fuel ordered.. in fact
get onto everything that was left undone when I left.. reality is a
harsh mistress sometimes

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