Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Coming home to a storm

I must admit I felt like I was coming home as I landed back in Honiara. Despite having been told how lovely the weather was in the UK, it was only 15 C maximum there.. ok I admit it was sunnier than usual. Even though it was late afternoon the temperature was 27 C as
we landed, much more civilized. The storm clouds were brewing and it was soon raining with thunder and lightening.. prefect to sit on the veranda and have a beer while watching the downpour… very refreshing for the spirit.

There was a bigger storm to tackle, while I was away the boys back here stuffed up badly.. I won't go into the details but lady friends were involved and clear think was not... I read the riot act.. they threatened to resign.. I said grow up and have another beer.. they
did.. both things I trust.

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