Friday, September 24, 2004

kick ball all same

i bought up an australian rules football and two volleyballs.. by the
way if you plan to carry balls internationally on a aeroplane make
sure you deflate them first.. apparently security is not amused by
inflate balls.. and carry a couple of the needles needed to pump them
up at the other end...

well i did get then pumped up and gave them to the local village
kids.. patiently showing then how to kick the football.. as opposed to
hitting the volley ball with open wrist or spiking it hard over a make
shift net..

ok that was the theory.. every day now i see a growing crowd down on
the beach playing a complex or hybrid game they all "kick ball all
same".. it's hard to describe it. its a kind of composite rules
football. you can kick the ball and run with it, and be tackled when
you have it. you can even play with all three balls at once and sides
can have any number of players.. doesn't even seem to matter is the
sides aren't balanced in number of players.

I've studied the strategy a bit and tried my hand at it.. there are
two main modes

1) there is a soccer mode.. which means you can only kick the ball and
can not be tackled.

2) then there is a rugby mode.. where you can pick the ball up and run
with it and throw it, but, and its a big but, you can and will be

the demarcation line seems to be if the ball is above or below your knees.

so little kids quickly drop the ball and soccer it along. Big boys on
the other hand pick up the ball and run with it... generally in the
direction of any girls watching,.all the other big boys give chase and
jump on him

I haven't worked out the scoring system yet. but it is hours of fun
for the village kids and me, when they let me play.

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