Saturday, April 09, 2005



it took me a while to notice but all things WEB, herein singapore, have an unusual written language, ... the words are a mixture of chinese phonetic, hindu, and malay inside english... with no real grammar (which appeals to me, if you haven't already noticed)... and lots of inappropriate CAPital letters..juSt LIke thIS... but it is spreading... from blOGs onto SMS messages... eveyone here saye hELLO NOrt... notICE boards... even bILLboards... often its clEVEr as in the EVE perfume adds... mostLY it is just HArd 2 reAD... the amazing thing is i'm starting to hEAR the YOUnger PeoPLe SPEak in it... at least its better than those back in the UK that overUSE the hand movement apostrophes all the time to "emphaSIZE" the obvious

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