Wednesday, April 13, 2005

having some flickr fun

those that notice these things, may have noticed i've been playing with stuff on the right hand side of this blog... firstly because i can , well i've figured out how to... but more importantly to help you the readers... you guys find your way around my wonderings... to let you see some of the stuff i've found useful in the journeys finding my way around the blogSPHERE... buggar i'm catching SINGlish now...

well I have been looking for somewhere to store higher resolution version of my sketches for some time now.... with many false starts... but flickR, which is a photo staring site, looks promising.... but before I fork out real cash to set up anything i thoight I'd try out the free trial offer... but you're involve also...

now for the fun bit

i want to set up my most popluar sketches in there... so what I need you to do is have a look at the FlickR daily zeitgeist box (its about half way down on the right hand side)... when you see a sketch you like click on it... that will take you to a large version, and will register a vote... pretty niffty don't you think... and it doesn't cost you anything.... just your time

I'll be constantly changing the images in my FlikR account, adding new ones and removing the less popular ones... in a few month I hope to have my top 100 most popular sketches in there... well assuming you, the readers, want to play

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