Tuesday, April 05, 2005

an old friend (revisited)

Pencils sketch of an amazing cleavage

there seems to have been a big shift in the on-line community... has something terrible happen in the force (luke)... my favourite chat rooms are impossible to get into... many familiar faces are gone ( & unfortunately replaced by an every increasing army of boring bots)... but all is not lost...I did manage to catch up with a couple of old friends that I hadn't seen for ages... Sad Panda, a great lady and artrist herself, even went so far as scolding me for not including her sketches.... well here they are

the watercolour sketch takes shape

this may well be my first webcam watercolour... i still love the richness of the skin tones... but I must admit I got very muddy puddles in the shadows

a colourful & happy (sad) panda in pencil and watercolour

thanks again my gorgeous friend... you started me on a great, some times difficult but certainly uplifting road

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Cyclone said...

Well I actually did post these sketches before back in august 2004 under the post "a request for a giblet and sketchus interuptus" ... now what is forgetfullness the first sign of... buggar I forgot