Friday, February 13, 2015

Where to store my working sketches on-line

I'm not sure twitter is the right place for my art. My worked does get viewed and quiet a few favorites, but the rest of the tweeter verse is out chasing celebrities or promoting delusions of self-grandeur. I don't feel at home there although I will post some sketches into #thedailtsketch hashtag, I still firmly believe sketching is good for my soul/health.

My on-line sketchbook on tumblr, In Praise of Rubenesque Mademoiselles, remains largely unviewed and I can't figure out why? I quiet like the paper stacks format (the images are stacked on each other so you have to move them to see what umderneath)

By far my best audience is on flickr, that is weher I get the most expoures, view, favourites & comments. Plus I have a group of regular friends who appreciate my art it just a pity I'm considered UNSAFE and therefore cannot be displayed in any public areas. So you have to have a flickr account and be a friend or memeber of a group that allows retricted images to see my art.

So the net result is I'm not sure where to post my work, so there will be a little bit more duplicate posting and probably I'll stick with this place as the best place to keep my works, with a little exposure over on google+ (I'm not sure I believe their views and followers statistics)

Such is Life I guess

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