Thursday, February 26, 2015

Is it time to move on?

The issues of both google's and redit's move against publishing nudity on the net, has a lot of folk worrying, In all probability you are likely to wake up and find everything gone, So there are some solutions & cautions, that are sensible for anyone publishing grown up topics on their blog. If nothing else, go and make a backup today (it creates an xml file, that can be reloaded into a few other blogging platforms and some photo book, ebook publishing applications). But before you panic take a deep breath, take you time to figure out if you want to stay put and toe the line, move somewhere else that "at least for now" allows you to publish that grown up stuff or even shut up shop and go home (ie dissapear)

I already have a couple of sketch book style things set up in Tumblr, its  really a microblog (a kind of bigger version of twister) and not a full blogging service. I don't mind it is probably a lot easier to use BUT my work remains largely unviewed. In other words I'm happy to have an each way bet by having my stuff spread across a few services like twitter. flickr, tumblr & google+ as well as the post here

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