Wednesday, March 03, 2010

the satire is not lost on me

The Hungry Beast, a good new show on the ABC, tonight had a segment with lots of graphic detail and the true terms about Labiaplasty, a bit of a surprise from conservative aunty. Yes it was about snipping the lips back of a woman's genitals. I have no complaint about the segment but I get the feeling most people missed the point that it was satire not a documentary. I doubt the plastic surgeon was really a doctor at all and the expert witness, a graphics artist from a soft porn magazine, who voice was disguise to protect his identity. Come on! Are models really going to undergo surgery to look neat, just to get in a cheap magazine when a bloke at a computer screen of said magazines can airbrush it all out in a flash? Are you starting to realize now? This was good satire, but it is not to be taken too seriously.

The truth is the Hungry beast team is hoping to exploit the same classification that let the magazine publish clear and frank frontal nudity photos.

PS Seems I miss read the intent of satire in the story (see response in my comments) & I'm not trying to critize the hungry beast team, they are well worth a watch

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Piggy said...

Hi there,

As the journalist behind Hungry Beast's story on Labiaplasty and censorship - I can assure you this was an absolutely factual story.

No satire to be lost on anyone in this issue, I'm afraid.

Please visit our website to see the extended interviews with the Classification Board member, the magazine graphic designer and plastic surgeon Dr David Caminer.

Kirsten Drysdale.