Friday, March 26, 2010

Autumn is for ART

art show appeal
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This time of year is art season, down here in the south eastern of Australia ...and I'm busy preparing for, getting things framed and transporting work back and for to art shows that have been popping up everywhere ...OK you won't find my works in the Archibald this year, btw congratulation to Sam Leach, who won booth the Archy and Wynne prizes ..and good works they were too works are still competing with everyone elses for wall space ...especially in those expensive little inner eastern surburb galleries (no they are not even listening?) and shows.

So my theory is grin and bear it, if my art truly appeals, I will get enough to pay for my materials and perhaps framing ...after that ego could be in danger of becoming harmfully inflated.

Such is Life

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Anna Tikhomirova said...

It's an art season here in London as well. How I understand you! I seem to be so busy transporting my art and there's an appearance of a very busy life but in the end of the day did I make anything comparable to, say, the receptionist in a local health center in terms of money?