Thursday, March 25, 2010

REALLY - or yet another of the FauxFolk

Annie Stoner- nude from behind
Originally uploaded by AnnieS25

I chatted with this idenity a while back on ipernity, she seemed nice enough and I even decided to use her photo for yet another return to my 2 minute torso exercises. ...that started well enough
annie stoner watercolour
then I noticed something ...can you see it?

hmm ..why is the waistline so different? ...have i lost it? have i got the anatomy so wrong? ...that skin is pretty damn flawless ...why is annie's head and body in such different proportions in her other photos I paranoid or is she just too flawless to be true ...and how does a body like that sing like stevie nicks? ah mais oui, encore un autre faux pas

perhaps not,
Is she fake?
She is a photoshop abuser

hope i'm wrong on this one.

PS Well not surprisingly I got a less than happy email from the identity involved. about my "bullshit blog" post, seems it was a jaded boyfriend that supposedly started the rumor she was fake. This is very feasible and thus I have removed her name from this post (and my illustrations, to avoid my contribution to furthering the shadow on her name in net searches). However she added "buy my album and see for yourself" ...well that just complicated things ...I can find her songs on and ovi podcasts & they are free to download BUT not for sale in either ITunes or Amazon. I remain very skeptical


Antonio said...

i think the color splat on the middle left of the figure makes it look a little wrong. but for 2 minutes? sheeeet really awesome wish i could handle aquarels that way.

Unknown said...

The problem I was alluding to was in the anatomy of the person in the photo. Her waist is unusually narrow and the hips and shoulders look a bit strange as well. Thats why I started investigating the is she a fake? line of inquiry and I still think her photos are not quite right ...but that my opinion

I like a few colour accidents from time to time, they keep the work alive. well thats my excuse ;)